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The ECOCERT –certificate defines the regulations which quarantee the production of the certified products in a way that respects the environment in totally comprehensive and responsible manner, starting from the cultivation of plants needed for the raw materials, ending to the manufacturing process of the products.

We are glad to announce that on August 8 2008 we obtained ECOCERT certificate for our cosmetics production plant, being the first in our brand in Finland.

Ecocert - Natural Cosmetic

Quality Control

Microbiological control, quality controlAlso a high quality must be checked. All production batches are subjected to pre-determined controls normally including measurement of pH-value and viscosity, sensory examination of scent and appearance and microbiological control. If needed, also other measurings, by titration for instance, are made. The finished batches are sent on to the filling lines only after they have been acceptanced by our quality control.

Control samples of all batches are kept for 2.5 years. The quality of the products may thus be checked later on if needed.

Also the personnel employed in production is continuously checking up on the quality during manufacture. Any anomaly will be reported to quality control. Packagings are visually inspected both before and after filling and any defective items will be discarded. This will ensure that no faulty products pass on and that loss of final products will be minimized.

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