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The ECOCERT –certificate defines the regulations which quarantee the production of the certified products in a way that respects the environment in totally comprehensive and responsible manner, starting from the cultivation of plants needed for the raw materials, ending to the manufacturing process of the products.

We are glad to announce that on August 8 2008 we obtained ECOCERT certificate for our cosmetics production plant, being the first in our brand in Finland.

Ecocert - Natural Cosmetic

Product Development

Product development sample being madeAn essential part of our work is the development of new products. Product ideas put forward by our customers are elaborated by our chemist and laboratory personnel into product concepts and further on into high-quality products. Product development is always being carried out in close cooperation with our customer, whose ideas will be reflected in the product characteristics, from composition to packaging.

Product development is a many-sided process. When ready for being put into production a product has gone through a first stage of working out the formula including tests of characteristics and durability, secondly planning and choice of packaging with due regard to its suitability, and finally consumer tests. Also product safety will be ascertained during the development process. Product safety is more and more being regulated and supervised by the authorities and our staff must therefore keep abreast of new regulations. We will assist our customers by following any legal requirements that will apply to the products.

Consumers are showing an ever growing interest in products with natural ingredients. Our product development has specialized in utilizing low-processed raw materials of natural origin. We can offer competitive products also in this range.

Our production assortment comprises face and body creams and lotions, skin-care gels, facial tonics, cleansing emulsions, skin care oils, liquid soaps, hair styling products, shampoos and balms. Our know-how extends to massage products, cooling gels, aerosol and roll-on deodorants, after shaves, fragrances, toothpastes and mouthwashes. We can also manufacture products to be cast in stick form, such as lipcare and deo sticks.

We do not perform testing on animals in any form. 

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