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The ECOCERT –certificate defines the regulations which quarantee the production of the certified products in a way that respects the environment in totally comprehensive and responsible manner, starting from the cultivation of plants needed for the raw materials, ending to the manufacturing process of the products.

We are glad to announce that on August 8 2008 we obtained ECOCERT certificate for our cosmetics production plant, being the first in our brand in Finland.

Ecocert - Natural Cosmetic


Emulsion processorWe are taking care of all stages of the manufacturing process ourselves. The products are mixed in batches of 30-400 kg, emulsions and gels in low-pressure processor and liquid products by propeller mixer. The work is demanding and requires good professional knowledge and carefulness. We have filling lines for many types of packages, such as plastic and aluminium tubes, jars, plastic and glass bottles, stick containers and cans. Packages may either be printed or be provided with labels. Finished products are packed in cartons or sales units.

Absolute cleanliness is all-important in production. All production equiment is kept utterly clean and the manufacturing premises are regularly cleaned. Regular microbiological controls are made to assure first-class hygiene of equipment and surroundings. This will ensure that our customers and consumers get high-class and safe products.

We produce raw-materials and packagings from well-known and reliable suppliers. A high and even quality of all materials can thus be guaranteed. We follow Colipa's Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

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